Exploring ancient ruins, strolling through beautiful old towns, sampling delicious food and wine and admiring the stunning landscape.

Most people visit Crete in summer but here’s why you should  in (early) spring:

#1 The weather is perfect. Not too hot ,not too cold…

#2 Less tourists, more locals.Everywhere you go  you will be  greeted with a huge smile, served like royals and chatted up by locals. Forget about that when the island is full with tourists and you can barely get a seat in a cafe!

#3 Mother nature is working her magic. The smell of wild flowers is intoxicating and they look so beautiful. Whites, yellows, reds, purples – it makes the island even more enchanting. In April you can also be able to see snowcaps on the Lefka Ori – the White Mountains. Also, orange and lemon trees are in abundance on Crete and  remember stopping your car in the middle of nowhere to pick a fresh lemon of a tree. It is heaven.


Come and see it for yourself!!!


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