Welcome November

November in Crete

November in Crete becomes much quieter than the more popular tourist summer season.

If you like a peaceful holiday and you enjoy walking then Crete in November is ideal.

November weather in Crete can see a wide range of temperatures, rainfall and sunshine. The sea temperatures are still warm enough to enjoy a swim and the beaches are almost deserted as most of the visiting tourists have gone home.

Olive picking begins its season and is very much in evidence in November in Crete. If you are visiting Crete in November offer to lend a hand with olive picking and you’ll be most welcomed.

The orange groves are beginning to look good as the green oranges turn to orange.

Pomegranates too are also at their best in Crete in November and can be picked from the trees if you find a tree growing wild.

November on Crete is also a perfect time to visit some of the archaeological sites like Knossos near Heraklion or the Minoan Palace at Malia as there aren’t as many visitors as in the hot summer months.



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