Introducing our family

In 1981 George and Maria Kavousanos built in Istron, 10 km from the town of Agios Nikolaos, 4 apartments. John and Michael, the boys of the family, dealt first time with tourism.
In 1985 decided to build the restaurant and 7 new apartments. The restaurant was easy to succeed . Mrs. Maria connoisseur of Cretan cookery acclaim of visitors. And Mr. George, with fresh fish from his own fishing boat, fresh choosen Cretan products which always brought to his wife, was her perfect partner.
The boys, helpers of their parents, learned very early the work. Several times they danced Cretan dances with their visitors, who left the place with sweet memories . The grandmothers always valuable partners in any effort as in every Cretan family.
In this family environment functions until today the accomodation and the restaurant. George and Maria, with John, Michael and of course now and grandchildren, will be happy to welcome you, to meet you and show you the beauty of the Cretan land and culture.

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