Welcome November

November in Crete November in Crete becomes much quieter than the more popular tourist summer season. If you like a peaceful holiday and you enjoy walking then Crete in November is ideal. November weather in Crete can see a wide range of temperatures, rainfall and sunshine. The sea temperatures are still warm enough to enjoy […]


Exploring ancient ruins, strolling through beautiful old towns, sampling delicious food and wine and admiring the stunning landscape. Most people visit Crete in summer but here’s why you should  in (early) spring: #1 The weather is perfect. Not too hot ,not too cold… #2 Less tourists, more locals.Everywhere you go  you will be  greeted with […]

Colors of Autumn in Crete

The blue sea never missing from Crete. When the sea is getting wilder colors will be deep blue or even gray-blue, but will return soon with the smile of the sun. The sea is predominant in Crete, but equally important are the mountains and the small fertile plains. Sept. in Crete is not Autumn, but […]