You might prefer to plan a holiday in meticulous detail, or you rather go with the flow and decide what to do on the spot. This place absolutely have to be on your mind when visiting Istron. A highlight of Istron and vestige of the Minoan civilization is Vrokastro , set on a hill overlooking […]


Welcome to Istron Crete and to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Voulisma Beach, or Golden Beach as some call it, is “material” for Crete’s (and even Greece’s) advertising campaigns. READ MORE #amazingnature #cretanbeauty #placetobe #holidays #beach_sea_sun karavostasi, agios panteleimonas, churches, voulisma, golden beach,villages, springs, holidays, vacations, traditional festivals, sunrise,olives, herbs, wild […]

A secret place

Crete is a famous holiday destination throughout the whole year – for lovers of the sun, families, couples and singles. The island fascinates its visitors with beautiful beaches and its historical and legendary past. Everywhere you go, you’ll experience the warm hospitality and welcoming of the Greeks. Most of the visitors don’t expect just a few […]