Easter in Crete

You will need to leave the capitals and head to the villages of Crete ,where the inhabitants gently respect  the reach Easter customs of their land from generation to genaration .

Women from the morning of Great Thursday they come with the painting of red eggs ,kalitsounia and brioshes.

Unmarried girls gather from their gardens lilies,roses, orange and lemon blossoms and wild flowers to decorate the Epitath on Thursday evening .

On Thursday, young men  make a human dummy of wood, the “Judas”, which they surround in all the village houses, and they strike and plunder for its vicious betrayal.On Great Saturday, the model of Judas is placed on the ravine with the woods, for the fear of the Jews, the neighboring villages seeking to defy Judas.

There is also rich traditional Cretan cuisine during the fasting period: wild greens (calizas, askolimbros, stamnagathi), chops, legumes, various meadows, grasses, olives, beans, wheatgrass and local red wine are just a few tastes of the Cretan table, which even in fasting is rich.





















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