Walking paths, Katsikantara path Istron Kalo Chorio

Probably the most secret place in all island. Jungle with lakes and cliffs just a moment far from the wonderful beaches of Istron . Actually this is the oldest path connecting the villages of Kalo Chorio and Prina.
An excursion that is suitable for families with older children. Only from April to November as the river runs high the rest of the year.
Starting walking the land through orange , mandarin and grape fruit trees you passing the village of Pyrgos . Soon after you enter the gorge of Katsikadara where the scenery changes to subtropical jungle. High trees compete each other to reach light and there are parts where the vegetation makes it hard to cross. Small places where the water is present all around the year and some where it is possible to spot crabs and eels and why not take a swim. After the last small lake you take the path upphill till you find the old path that leads from Prina village to Pyrgos.

some of photos and informatios are taken from wikiloc.

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