In the mountains of Crete lives a tree, Ampelitsia, which is in danger of extinction. Since wood Ampelitsia manufactured traditionally shepherds sticks in Crete. The traditional name is KATSOUNA ,and it was an integral part of the body of Cretans. Elderly and young Cretans shepherds constantly kept a Katsouna to help them to walk, especially climbing mountain areas where grazing their animals remained there for days. It was a valuable tool for the transfer of the pouch, containing the daily snack and water preparing by the wife.Many times Katsouna was helpfull to shepherds to clean with it their paths, but to entrap the backs of their animals who want to escape them, and in war times and was a weapon against enemies.Until today, Katsouna used by many Cretan shepherds and mainly elderly people, while symbolizing Cretan pride and tradition

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